Photo Tips – How to Get It Right In Line Dating

This Blog offers tips for getting this just right, without overdoing it. Overdoing it? Your online dating photo is the most important aspect of your personal profile. This is because most people browse pictures before even glancing at the rest of the profile.

Oh yes, a personal profile photo can be overdone in various ways. For instance, if you are not posting an adult dating profile, you should avoid suggestive poses or attire. Even if these pass through the dating guide site editors – yes, most reputable dating sites do look – you will not attract people of the right intentions.

Your dating profile picture can also be too good. How?

Well, it is known that scammers do not use their own pictures when posting (fake) personal ads online. They steal them, mostly from modeling sites. If your online dating photo looks like something straight out of a magazine, it could create suspicion.

Now, here are some online dating photo tips:

Adult Dating Couple Sex

Adult Dating Couple Enjoy Sex

Yesterday’s gone: You may have looked stunning a few years and/or a few pounds ago. But please, post a photo of yourself as you look like today. Like lying about your age, lying with an old photograph could come back to haunt you. There are many women dating stories of someone meeting her/his internet date the first time in real life and, at first look, immediately turning around and leaving. Don’t lie with your picture.

Cast yourself in good light: First, you need to get the basics right. This means well-light and clear. Do not post a photo that you have taken yourself: unless, of course you are a professional or extremely good photographer. Photographers do not spend years in school for nothing.

Use a real camera: And by all means, do not upload a photograph taken with your cell phone or webcam as this can give a not-so-good impression (can you spell cheap?). Use a real camera, preferably a digital one. You can also get a real photograph digitally scanned. However do realize that some of the sharpness can be lost through scanning and uploading. Try to get it right the first time by using a good digital camera.

To smile or not to smile: There is usually a facial aspect or expression people seem to like you for. And this may not be your smile. While many articles will advice you to smile when taking your online dating picture, this does not always work for every single chat person. There are too many fake smiles in online dating and the world in general. Your (non-smiling) picture can give a glimpse of your personality, which is good thing as it could attract the right person to you. A serious face or raised eyebrow can be attractive too. Are you playful? Flirtatious? Mischievous? Facial expressions can say something about you in a picture. However, smiling is not a bad thing, all the same. It is what may still succeed when others fail.

Eye contact: No, you don’t have to look directly into the camera lens: some professional photographers advice looking somewhere slightly above. Experiment and see which works best for you. And please, no sunglasses!

Dress to kill, but not overkill: Too many internet dating pictures are pretentious. Don’t give the impression of trying too hard. While dressing in nice, well-fitting and clean clothes is vital, avoid overdoing this (goes to the point above about overdoing). And yes, clothes can say something about you. If you say you are fashionable in your freedating profile but appear in blue jeans in your photo, few will buy it.

Ex them out: Leave exes out of the picture, literally. You would be surprised at how many people post pictures with an ex conveniently cut off.

Hire a photographer: When in doubt hire someone to do it for you. There are photographers who specialize in dating profile photos. Most professionally done pictures will do, but avoid a magazine look. Make sure to tell her/him what you want and that you want something that stands out against others’ on the dating site.

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