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How many poetic military personnel do you know of??? Well now you have met one LOL

About me, to mention the usual and active, have a good military job, keen to advance myself, am confident, assured, and TALL :) Like to socialise, meet new folks, am just as easy going out as staying in...

Oh yeh and the poetic part of my goes ;)

To all who come to adultx to date
To meet a great person will surely be fate
You may connect with someone and click
And like glue it will surely stick
So long as the connection continues to rate!

Meeting new folks is grand
Not a thing to slide through hands like sand,
If I meet the one who is right
And keep her within my sight
She'll be the promised treasure of the land!!

Enjoy your time in the site
Find the one who is right
Feel free to chat to me
For Im sure that you would agree
Talking with someone like myself is an interesting plight!


Looking for
Someone who does not mind the poetry...oh and I do talk normally too LOL so never fear I do like to and can hold a normal conversation!

Any girl with a nice smile does it for me...they say eyes are the way to the soul, I also think a smile acts as the gates!

Have to like height cuz Ive got plenty of that too LOL its just in the genes! :)