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well where do i start,
I'm the type who's eager to cut to the chase. Pretense is for people with time to waste. I'm a regular fellow, a little on the quiet side, but I thaw fairly quick once I get to know you. On Sunday afternoons I like to get out of the house and go for a walk or a drive. I've always been good at sitting back and listening to what others have to say. I'm in the mood for a real, substantive relationship. I tend to be the quiet guy in the room. For me a perfect Friday night is relaxing at home. I want to meet my complete opposite and find common ground with her. If you contact me I might not reply immediately since I'm new to this and still a bit shy. I look forward to finding the right person; I know you're out there! I'm not changing my life, I'm kicking it to the curb and getting a better one. you can find me on youtube as EB1991
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Well to describe my seeking partner, well i don't know how to. But if you like the look of me thats a start and we go from there.