The Law of Attraction

There is a genetic trigger that urges us to find certain types of people that “fit” our taste in a partner. We are, also by default, programmed to partners of a different genetic makeup so we can create stronger offspring because of a wider variety of genes.

We are, in general, all attracted, either sexually, physically or personally to another person or other persons. We don’t know how, but there is something that triggers our desire when we see or meet a certain type of connecting singles person. Without even knowing that person, we know that they are “our type” and when we see such an example of our type, we instantly realize the fact and we react to it by producing large amounts of pheromones.

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Apart from the stereotype celebrities, actors and actresses, models and beautiful people whom we secretly and sometimes quite openly adore and feel attracted to, we all have “our type”, which includes body type, body shape, hair colour, eyes and a whole lot of other physical attributes that trigger our desire. Personality is of course another important factor; do we go for the outgoing and confidence or the warm and friendly, or do we like the strong, quiet and intelligent type? We are all aware that for most women it is very important that a man can make them laugh. And sometimes it is something else completely that heavily influences a partner choice: money!

In spite of many years of the media’s attempts to subdue the male preference for a curvy woman and the creation of the skinny match making woman as the ideal body shape, in the two couple of years, curvy women are back onto the scene and even in fashion, the last stronghold of the hollow eyed “bag-o-bones” woman, designers are beginning to use more and more full figured women on their catwalks.

Men subconsciously feel attracted to those women who remind them of the first love of their lives: their mother, and equally women would have a preference for a man who reminds them in some ways of their father.

Research has found that a mother influences her son’s expectations. She indicates what she is looking for in a partner but she also influences her son on female characteristics. So if she is a warm-hearted and friendly person, her son will believe that this is indicative for the female species. Those sons are likely to grow up to become warm and responsive lovers who are also willing to take more responsibility in the household.

Equally, a mother with a depressive personality who exchanges friendliness with bouts of coldness and rejection may raise a son who is afraid of best online dating commitment and who in terms of finding the right woman, will always be looking at the grass on the other side of the fence.

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Daughters are influenced by the first male love in their lives, their fathers. The fathers’ character often determines how women relate to the opposite sex. Fathers who are very supportive may raise daughters who are open and supportive themselves as their fathers have made sure they always feel good about themselves. The opposite is true of women whose fathers were distant, cold and critical. They do not have such high degree of self esteem and this is reflected in their relationships.

Genetically, men are programmed to prefer ample breast and broad curvy hips as this, in general, almost guarantees healthy offspring due to easy childbirth and sufficient nourishment. Women genetically prefer the broad shoulders for protection and the firm muscled buttocks for sexual longevity increasing the chance of free online dating service impregnation.

Many men, after years of hiding the fact that they preferred the fuller figure and were forced to seek relationships with skinny women, do no longer need to hide the fact that they have a preference for a plus size figure. Findadultswingers, a long standing dating website in the United Kingdom has noticed the difference as more men join the site and more curvy women will use internet dating to find a suitable partner who loves them for their curves and not in spite of them. Having a curvaceous figure is becoming once more the symbol of what is attractive in a natural healthy woman.