First Night at a Swing Club

My husband and I went to our first night to this swing club. I checked their dating site before going, and it looked very appealing, but it wasn’t the real thing. The club is in a run-down old building. The idea and set up was OK. We went on a night when couples as well as singles were welcomed. The staff was friendly; we were given a tour and explained how everything worked.

There were signs posted everywhere as to the proper behavior patrons must abide by. Being our first time in a swingers club I wasn’t sure if there was going to be action with other people but I knew I wanted to express myself with my husband and have people look at us. I did not like the attitude of the single male. They insisted on looking at the couples doing their stuff.

Swinger Club for Couple Fun

I was expecting everyone to be on their own, but it seemed that those who were not with a partner, and were not invited to be with anyone else, wanted to invite themselves even when the message was sent not to. The people at the adult club come from middle to low social class. The attire worn by the members was not very clean or appealing. The bartenders and other employees did not look very clean.

Also, the table for massages was placed were everyone on their way to the locker rooms had to go by. Even some people fully dressed stopped to watch as one sexy woman was receiving a massage. It seemed as if it were a show. My husband and I were not very satisfied with the place mostly because of the behavior of the members and also because of the lack of professionalism and dirty aspect of the employees.

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